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Who we are

Fostering change for dramatic growth


Influenceo is a boutiuque learning and development company specialising in delivering training and education packages and simple, actionable strategies for leadership, wellbeing, effective communication, presentation skills and influence.  

Founded by wife and husband team (Shadé Zahrai & Faysal Sekkouah),

Our vision is to contribute towards a future where diverse peoples embrace their strengths,

are inspired and fulfilled by their work and collaborate in the spirit of oneness to serve humanity.

Shadé Zahrai
Faysal Sekkouah

A lawyer with a background in psychology, marketing and sales, bolstered by her practice in culture, engagement and strategy at a Big-4 bank, Shadé is commercially savvy while being very in touch with the human side of a business. She’s been to far too many leadership development workshops which are boring, lacking enthusiasm and ‘information dumps’, and as a result has developed a passion to help people be their best through the strategic design and delivery of empowering and impactful workshops and seminars.
Shadé has worked with leading organisations to deliver powerful personal and professional development content, develop strategies to promote inclusion and diversity, drive positive organisational culture and enhance wellbeing - all of which contribute to achieving a company’s bottom line.   

With over 12 years experience in the industry, Faysal is passionate about training, facilitation and Human Resource Development consulting. He’s worked with many Fortune 500 corporations, with clients including Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, LG, Siemens and Medtronic. 
He’s a cool dude..  

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